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Have you been trying to find a Croatia lifestyle photographer? Is it your desire to capture your family in fine art family portraits? When you select one of our highly skilled lifestyle photographers to do your next maternity, couple, teen, or family portrait session, you will receive pictures that showcase you and your loved ones in your everyday surroundings and highlight who you truly are. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Croatia:

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Ljubljana lifestyle photographer Andraz Gregoric - Slovenia family portraits

I was born in 1986 in Kranj. In 2006 I finished Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana and decided to study photography at The Higher Vocational College in Sežana. I graduated there in 2011 and at the graduation I was awarded the title of ‘Photography Engineer’. Since 2005 I participated in the Festival of Documentary Photography in Novo mesto several times. My mentors there have been international well known photographers.