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Would you like to locate the best Neuchatel lifestyle photographer to document your family in portraits that capture your true character? When you choose one of our experienced lifestyle photographers to do your next couple or family, or even a teen or maternity portrait session, the photographs you will receive will be natural and an irrefutable reflection of who you are. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Switzerland:

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Doubs lifestyle photographer Emilie Knockaert of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte France

In 2011, I grabbed my first SLR, on this new path I meet incredible, sometimes unexpected people who believe in me, trust me and unknowingly impose a new challenge on me: capturing the essence of the bond that unites them to make it a lasting memory. I become a professional photographer with a mission: to make you aware of the happiness of the present moment and to sublimate it. Every day, I learn, I listen, I watch and I start again. My studio around Besançon opens its doors in 2016, I travel around Franche-Comté and try to find always different places for original photos.

Samantha Lunder is a Lifestyle Family photographer from Vaud, Switzerland

It is said of me that I am hyperactive, that I talk (a lot) and that I do nothing to achieve my goals. It's true, I have a perfectionist side, a dynamic character and a brain that is bubbling with eccentric ideas! (Besides, if you have found a way to add hours to a day, I want to know it well, that will make us friends). In short, when I do something, I put my whole heart into it. And that is, for me, my strength in my profession as a photographer. Our relationship will not be a pure provider-client exchange. I banish these two words! No, when I am near you for a photoshoot, we weave links, and that is essential. I started lifestyle photography with a passion, with my lover Damian, seven and a half years ago. Photographing sharing, complicity and simply love was logically imposed on me. I like to transmit these emotions. We created Samyan Photography to take pictures together, to strengthen our ties, and now it's yours that I also hope to bring together by putting your story in pictures. Since doing one thing at a time is boring, I also work as a journalist in the print media. My way of seeing photography is therefore inspired by reporting, meeting and the constant desire to discover!

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA