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Find your Neuchatel lifestyle photographer to capture the natural dynamics of your family in a beautiful and artistic way. When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next portrait session, you will receive images that showcase you and your loved ones in the best possible light. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Switzerland:

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Portrait of Neuchatel Lifestyle Photographer Isabelle Chatellier, of Switzerland

My name is Isabelle. I have been a photographer in the canton of Neuchatel but also in all of French-speaking Switzerland as well as in Europe for almost 10 years. My conception of lifestyle photography: Tell you in pictures. Each of us has a story to tell and what makes me vibrate every day is to photograph yours. I capture moments of life, these moments just for you ... Around a game in your child's room, during a walk in the forest or in the privacy of my studio, the experience is there, unique and beautiful because it is above all not about playing to be but to let yourself be carried as you are. Simply. Sincerely. I like the hands that bind, the laughing looks, the elegance of the light when it just falls on a corner of the shoulder, the delicacy of a nape of the neck, the feet that hide, the hair that flies, blurs, sunsets, natural light, playing with it and all the time. So there is no need for great adventures to land and let yourself live in front of my device. All you need is the desire to share a moment just for you, the desire to take the time for yourself to discover yourself differently and the desire to freeze the moment to remember better.