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Searching for your Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer? Wanting to capture your family in portraits you will treasure for a lifetime? When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next teen, family, couple, or maternity portrait session, our creative portraiture style will guarantee that you will receive photographs that are full of life. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Clara Sampaio is a Lifestyle Photographer in Brazil

I am Clara Sampaio, I photograph for passion and love my profession. Since I've changed architecture for wedding photography and family, I can say that I'm part of a select group of people who work with what they really like, and that makes all the difference. The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I photograph the moments as they actually happen. I seek the truth of each couple's feelings to tell their love story with pictures.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Yulia Timofeeva, in Brasil.

I specialise in family, portrait and wedding destination photography. I'm inspired by the beauty of nature and uniqueness of every person. And that’s what I want to capture and show through my camera - your beauty and the beauty around you. That's why my photos are simple and stylish, with a lot of natural light, natural colors and real emotions. My clients are from all over the world: USA, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Litva, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Take a look at my portfolio and let me be your next photographer.

Claudia Ruiz is a Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer

What would be the history of humanity without the records of reality through images? From cave paintings to digital photographs, nothing but interpretations of the world. There has always been and always will be the need to portray. Play to pass on. A way to talk to the future, saying, "Guys, I've been here!" A way to keep what time it takes. It is to play God and go back in time whenever you feel like it. As a photographer, I have quite a task in my hands! A very responsible job. Tell stories, capture genuine feelings, document moments of happiness and love. I create my images with an open heart and a free mind. I have restless and curious eyes ... eyes that see the world in the eagerness to stop time! I really want to know and be able to tell your story!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Lifestyle Photography by Amanda Alexandre

I am a family photographer, passionate about life, chocolate, and music. Since 2011 with the company Amanda Alexandre Fotografia, giving families the best memory of their lives by recording unique and exclusive moments. I add my profession of lifestyle photographer to my Phonoaudiology training, (UFRJ), through many interesting content in my blog and even chatting with my clients, because I find out that there are many questions, which I am very happy to be able to help. For me, photography is what stays when time goes by, it's the best way we have to remember something we live and miss. On paper, in the picture frame, on the cell phone. Lifestyle photography is part of us and I chose to do it from my life, I chose to be part of many families. I will be very happy to record a little bit of your story. Your family's story.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Carolina Pires, of Brazil

Hi, I'm Carol Pires! I like to talk, I like to look in the eyes, to laugh, to drink good wine, to read before bed. I ask about everything, I'm interested in the lives of others, not others on the TV, but the others you. I like to listen to stories, I like to build stories. In fact, I like people who are protagonists of life itself. When I was a child I used to play dolls. Well, anyone remembers? I used to play house, to be a mother. He was joking about having a family, having a husband and a job. And did not that happen? Today I am crazy with love for Francisco, my little puppy that is under my wing, opa! mother owl, I'm married to photographer Tulio Thomé and together we built our life that is not a commercial, phew! It's real life, as I've always wanted! And why photo? Photography is the medium I've found for more than 10 years where I find myself more comfortable doing what I love: connecting with people, having fun and looking at the beautiful! So I put everything together: photography, families, people, women, memories, colors, images, stories. This is my job and that's what I love to do!

Brasil and Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer Luis Henrique Vieira

Hello! I'm Luis and my story with photography started early. I've always seen my father handling a movie camera for his work. This has always piqued my curiosity, to understand that magic of appearing printed on paper! Time passed and I grew up. So, the digital machines arrived, I began to register scenes of my daily life. I married, that's when things got serious! My wife, Josy, taught me how the photographic process worked, until then I only worried about clicking to photograph, ISO, speed, diaphragm, framing... I fell in love! Since then I have not stopped and since it all began as a family, I specialized in photographing what I love most.

Aline Prado is a lifestyle photographer for Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Aline Prado changed a stable career in the oil industry to follow her dream at become a wedding and family photographer which was an old passion. Since she'd started with family photography, her intention was to extract spontaneous moments and the real essence of individuals.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer André de Castro

Hello! First of all, thank you for visiting our space. I came from another area, I'm also Systems Analyst. I belong to my dear wife and children. Some time ago, I was inspired to begin the realization of a dream: Make of my great passion, photography, the livelihood, and sustenance.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Macaé Lifestyle Photography by Oxana Kellermann, of Rio de Janeiro

My name is Oxana Kellermann. I am family photographer in Macaé, RJ, Brazil. I am Russian, but have more than 10 years of experience living abroad including famous Bali island where I met my beloved Brazilian husband and moved to Macaé, Rio de Janeiro state 3 years ago. Also Bali island inspired me to start oil painting, photography and boosted my creativity in general. In my photos I am capturing real emotions and beauty of the moment in elegant and natural way. I help my clients to feel comfortable during the session and be free to show their individuality. I fall in love with every family with whom I work and it is a honor for me that they trusted me to register their histories.

Studio portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Alexandre Grand

I love contact with nature and whenever I can I enjoy being on the beach feeling the sea breeze and the wind blowing in the sand. I love music and movies and spent my childhood listening to punk and rock. In the movies, I like Kubrick, Tim Burton but Tarantino is my favorite. Currently one of my passions is coffee! I like to know new cultures and improve my photographic content and when I can, I travel with my wife and little Clara to different, unusual places. One of the things that thrills me most is taking my daughter to the beach and watching her run on the sand with all the purity of soul that only a child has, braving this whole world. The many years I worked as a graphic designer trained me to do a thorough and very handcrafted image post-production work. My edition is very artistic. I'm a fan of people who smile and even more of those who laugh. I am a fan of sunset, bare feet, and a full moon.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Lifestyle Photographer Ana Telma Furtado of Brazil

I am Ana Telma, a lifestyle family photographer, and I am very happy that you are here in my corner, trying to know a little more about me and my work. :) Hope you like! I am a person who loves his friends. I defend everyone with all my might if they need to. I worry and hope for their happiness. I'm kind of melon-headed to remember birthdays, phones and stuff like that, but they're always in my prayers and certainly always in my heart. I love cats and I'm the mother of two kittens, Bill and Ivanka. They are my loves! I love my family, my safe haven, my certainty of always love and lap in my life. I have relatives in Rio, Minas, Sao Paulo and even outside Brazil. I think that's why I always love to travel! I love studying too! In addition to studying a lot of photography, I have already taken a degree in Computer Science and Journalism.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Cristiane Baptista of Brazil

Hi, I'm Cris, a Rio photographer, married, Caio's mother, talkative by nature, happy with life, and passionate about the power of photography since a very young age. I have been a professional photographer since 2013 and since then I have had the joy of sharing happy moments with several families who believed that I could tell the story of their lives through images. I have always tried to capture the essence of the people I photograph in a spontaneous and relaxed way. I graduated in Letters by the UERJ. I passed the state contest, but in the middle, I gave up everything, it was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. I really wanted to photograph. I went after my big dream: to give families memories, with sweet memories!!!

Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are home to family photographer Bruno Montt

Hello! I'm Bruno and I love helping families to collect their memories. I'm from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil but I'm a destination photographer. My passion for photography began as photographed, seeing me in the old family albums and trying to relive all those moments. That deepened when I graduated in Visual Arts 10 years ago. The power of a keepsake is something that makes my eyes shine and providing this is very rewarding. I'm in the photographic industry for some years, which allowed me to photograph families, births, weddings, teach workshops and win some awards. Want to know more? Get in touch :)

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer, Daniela Justus.

I’m Daniela Justus, Miguel and Laura’s mom and a family photographer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been working as a photographer since 2006 and have more than 10 years of previous experience in marketing and management. I’m dedicated to documenting families, especially births and baby sessions. I have seen and taken pictures of more than 160 babies being born in Rio and I absolutely love my job!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Nane Newton, Lifestyle Photographer serving Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Hello, I'm Nane (my real name!), Carioca, mother of Matheus and Filó (my 4-legged daughter), and in love with the cute things in life! Veterinarian, I discovered photography for the love of animals. But over time, I realized that my passion was even for the feelings of truth, for the emotion that some things in life bring us. For me, photographing families is much more than pushing a button, is to share and live with them the most important moments of their lives.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Ana Paula Campbell - Brasil

I'm Ana Campbell. If you had to leave all your belongings behind and could only choose something to take with you, what would you take? I would definitely take my photos. Am I the only one to think so? My father is an amateur artist, he paints pictures and sculpts wood in his spare time. On the other hand, there was a very strong culture in the family that any profession related to the arts was not a good option for the future. I lived this conflict for a long time. I graduated in computer science and worked for years with it. And one day I bought my first camera DSLR. I started to learning how to use the camera in 2011 and I did not stop anymore. Then, in 2015 I completely migrated to a new career as photographer. The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I try photograph the moments as they actually happen. I’m dedicated to documenting families and solo portraits. My desire is to create images with purity, freedom, experiences and I hope that it inspire others to love life as I love.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Jack Salles, of Brazil

Come and meet me, my photographic essays are light, full of laughter and smiles! With intuitive steering, the picture flows naturally. Jaque Salles is a little girl who loves to laugh and make friends! I'm from Rio, married for 12 years. Organic Photography, that's how I like to call my images! It has to do with the natural and the timeless, in this way, I like few productions and I try to avoid the tendencies, the focus is basically on the photographed. The challenge is that in 10 or 20 years the images will still be nice to see! "I leave my deep affection and respect for all the families that are so different and so fascinating because of this. For me, it is a pleasure and an honor to share moments with people and at least for a few moments, to be part of their lives. " Photography awakens our feelings and brings us to unforgettable days and no matter how much time has passed. I love to review my child's photos and see how my daughter looks like me, how I enjoyed my birthdays, and how things have changed since then. For me, photography is like a jewel, a gift that never ends and that will be passed down from generation to generation! A toast to life, a toast to the good times!

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer, Paulo Vitor Schultz

My name is Paulo Vitor Schultz, married, father of a couple of children. Born in Volta Redonda, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. As a good Virginian, attentive to detail, perfectionist, with a sensitive look at the simplicity of everything around me. Graduated in Accounting Sciences and postgraduate in Health Management Policy, working for a long time in the health area, we sharpen humanization, of love to others, of always giving my best! Today, I found myself in the photograph or the photograph found me. Nowadays my greatest pleasure is to register happy moments and always meeting people with a good heart! Is there anything better? Meeting people and still, make people happy by registering their best moments with my look. I like contemporary photography, I look for sincere and unforgettable records.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Gisele Soares

I specialize in birth photography (normal delivery and cesarean section). For that, I took specific courses in the area, including in a hospital environment, in order to better prepare myself technically and emotionally to record this special moment. I am part of the FPJA - Family Photojournalist Association and the Lifestyle Photographers Association.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Isabela Leite Barcellos is a Lifestyle Photographer for Rio de Janeiro

Isabela Barcellos studied graphic design at UFRJ and photography at Estácio de Sá University. In love with images, she saw her gaze find a new path when she became Clara's mother. Loves, families, children, hugs, smiles and moments have gained a new way of being registered, perceived and eternalized. In Casulo, he photographs his family spontaneously, far from the classic and harsh poses of traditional family portraits. We work with time and respite. More than individual photos, we try to tell the story of a moment.

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography in Macaé by Camila Cerri

I am a lifestyle photographer for love, where I dedicate each photographic project as if it were unique, capturing natural expressions and moments that reveal the essence of the client in an artistic and true way, with great joy and love. Usually, they say that my look is different, I look for the relaxation, the details, where I do not want to lose any moment, always seeking to pass a message and feeling to each photograph. I like to reveal the beauty in a spontaneous and fun way. My greatest joy is to see the emotion, the sparkle in people's eyes with every presented work. This is me, passionate about recording and eternalizing in the photograph moments unique and special.

Brasil and Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Juliana Ferreira

Hello, my name is Juliana and I was born in Rio de Janeiro. I am graduated in journalism and for more than 6 years I worked as a photographer of families. Photography has been present in my life since I was a child and has always been a great passion. I like to portray love, joy, emotions, and delve into the history of each family. What moves me daily is the desire to perpetuate special moments, so that each person can experience through the photos, real emotions! I hope soon, to be able to tell your story in a unique way!

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Caroline Tudesco of Brazil

Hello, I'm Caroline. I graduated in Biological Sciences, and even finished a Masters in Environmental Engineering. But photography has been a part of my life for a long time, and today I am fully working with the record of memories. I am a specialist in the family segment, and I believe in a simple photograph that can capture the essence and the truth in every important moment of life.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Bruna Schoch - Brazil member

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a child. My father took many pictures of the family, and I inherited that passion. He explained to me about composition, and how I had to frame the people in the picture. I used a 35mm film camera, which he gave me as a gift. After each click, you had to rotate in the right corner for the movie to walk, and you could click again. At that time (not too far away) as many know, it was only possible to see the result after the revelation. I remember photographing the school walks (I still have the negatives of these photos stored somewhere). I looked at the number in the corner of the negative and asked for the copies to be given to my friends. The years have passed ... and I always take pictures. In 2014, already working at IBM, I realized I was not on the right track. I wanted to work with what I really liked. I love to eat. Is cooking what I want? I did some courses and took a thousand pictures of the dishes ... But no, it was not cooking. All this time the photograph was accompanying me and I did not "see" it. Until one day, it gave me a "click" and I decided to study the photograph. I bought a semi-professional camera (Nikon D3200). The studies started online, reading and watching various related subjects. In 2016, pregnant with Lulu, I wanted to do a photo shoot with my current mentor, Daniela Justus. We talked a lot and I fell in love with this world even more. I bought my first professional camera, the D750. I attended the first 10-month course with Dani, which lasted for another 6 months. It was fantastic! Professional and personal growth. Studying and learning go hand in hand with the rehearsals I do. I participate in online courses to improve myself, and national and international workshops.

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer Anna Carolina Liguori, of Brasil

Hello! I'm Carol Liguori! Thrill with my pictures. That's what motivates her most and makes me more and more passionate about this magical profession. I have a technical background in Advertising and Propaganda, I graduated in Graphic Design in 2003 and photography was always part of my life, because my parents recorded everything, including my birth. I loved seeing and reviewing the photos and I believe that's why I'm a photographer today. I photographed products when working with graphic design, but it was at the end of 2014 that I started photographing families professionally and I fell in love. I love turning my clicks into poetry and providing a photographic experience that makes my clients remember with affection from that special moment.

José Alexandre Caramez Berteges Lifestyle Photography for Rio de Janeiro families with his photographs.

My name is José Berteges and I am a physiotherapist, computer technician, photographer, and father. I have a very nice relationship with photography and the ability it has to take me to such unique moments that have an odor and taste. I was always a very happy and playful child and to this day I try to keep that child inside of me. I give the photograph in search of that complicity.

Lorena Lima Lifestyle Photographer from Rio de Janeiro

Photography was always present in my life in a natural way, but when I realized that the passion for it was greater than any other, I decided to throw myself head-first and without a parachute into free fall. Free in the search for knowledge, and free in the use of creativity. Being free from any paradigm and preconceptions, I developed my way of seeing life under my lens. It took me a long time to qualify as a photographer because I felt, and I believe I will always feel, an apprentice in the art of photography. I like to feel this way, because it gives me the incentive necessary to always seek the new, always seek the best. In my art, I like to photograph people as they are, to be present in their most important moments and to delight them with their lives. I like to tell your stories from my point of view. I am thrilled to think that each work of mine will be part of the construction of the memory of that family, that in a few years, that adult will recognize himself as a child in the photos I have made. Just as I recognize myself in my childhood photos. That history will continue to be told for generations, through these images!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brazil lifestyle photography by Clara Amaral, of Rio de Janeiro

Photography has always been present in my life. From the simple pleasure of admiring pictures of friends to the images of the great photographers, I fell in love with this art. I was pregnant with my second daughter, Barbara, when I decided that my children (I also have Theodore) should have beautiful pictures. I thought photos are eternal memories, are not they? So they should have beautiful memories forever. This is how passion became a hobby and I started to photograph. And the hobby turned into life choice. Increasingly involved with photography, I studied together with my idols! I took courses with Renan Cepeda, Bob Wolfenson, and coaching with Vinícius Matos. Photographing is a pleasure for me! The person photographed and I created a bond through the lens. We share unique moments. Moments that will be remembered whenever they see that photo that was taken that day, in that place.

Rodrigo Neves is a lifestyle photographer in Brasil - Rio de Janeiro family photography

RJ-based Lifestyle and Family Photographer - I try to record the moments exactly the way they happen in front of me. First-time father, and very much in love with my family, it was not for nothing that I was interested in and delighted to photograph these moments. Seeing a family born, following its growth and registering birthdays is what has been very enchanting to me.

Portrait of Brazil lifestyle photographer Fabi Medina, of Rio de Janeiro

Graduated in business administration, where I worked for 18 years, I started studying photography - my usual passion - in 2011, and since then I have never stopped. In 2015 - after becoming Leonardo's mother - I chose to dedicate myself entirely to what I really love, thus initiating my professionalization as a photographer. In love with people, I realize myself in portraits and in family photography. My challenge is to count with feeling the history of each person photographed by me.

Lívia Delgado is a Lifestyle Photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Born in Teresópolis, a mountain town in the State of Rio de Janeiro, I grew up surrounded by an incredible family and inspiring wolves From an early age I got used to admiring the beautiful and the arts as ways of seeing reality. Graduated in Law, I exercise until today the profession with passion and dedication, qualities that I transpose to all the domains of my personal and professional life. The photograph arose from the need to record my wandering around the world and the people who make my universe more beautiful and happy. Then, I began to study photography technique with a keen eye, in order to eternalize everything that poetically my eyes and lenses can capture. However, no teacher or book is able to teach us to open the soul of the photographed, which is only possible if he generously wants to share his inner world and his experiences.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Ana Paula Amado is a lifestyle photographer for Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I am Ana Paula, mother of a beautiful girl, passionate about telling stories and meeting people. Ah! And I love traveling too! For me it has no greater pleasure than knowing that I have the "power" to eternalize a special moment of one's life. In addition to being a photographer, I am a Professional Project Manager (PMP), I worked in Multinational companies for many years, but decided to dedicate photography to get closer to my daughter. And then I discovered that I did not have to give up everything I learned. Do I apply much of my knowledge acquired in recent years in my work as a photographer and the best? I have a lot of fun! And I get a lot of love in return. I did not think it would be so good. Very perfectionist and dedicated, in addition to studying photography constantly, I am also studying Cinema - doing a postgraduate, in search of knowledge to better tell the stories of my clients and to leave them more satisfied with the result. What to expect from me? You will find documentary photography, light, true, spontaneous and creative. I like to do sessios that it contains the truth of my clients and that it be a beautiful memory of a special moment, carefully thought to be appreciated by the next generations. Take a break from the madness of everyday life and come to travel a little bit for the excitement and art of the photographic universe. Be very welcome!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA

Rodrigo is a storytelling photographer, "Macgyver", ThetaHealer® and worked with the biggest directors of TV Globo and Brazilian Cinema. A true dream catcher, super good with life and always with an unexpected solution to any situation. He always says, "If it's hard I do, if it's impossible, give me 15 minutes!" Always ready to help anyone, he has a more sensitive heart than you can imagine. Ah! And make the best chocolate cake with carrots from the Universe.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Michelle Paixao - Brazil

I'm Michelle Paixão, Gabriel's mom and a family photographer living in Rio de Janeiro. Being a mother made me understand the beauty of life's simple moments. I realize the meaning behind these moments and I capture that in the form of a photograph. I've been working as a professional photographer since 2017 after leaving a career in Information Technology to collect memories and little joys of the families who have the fortune to meet.

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer Aline Lelles

Aline is a storytelling photographer, a veterinarian at UFRRJ with a postgraduate degree in clinical small animal emergency, tantric therapist, reiki ana, ThetaHealer®, trained in ballroom dancing and film photography direction by the International Film Academy. Eternal guardian of the most expensive memories of the human being. He is always in search of new knowledge to improve her art, and in constant study of the human being in its various aspects.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer Fernanda Oliveira - Brazil

My love for photography started early ... As a child my father had a photographer friend who always photographed us in common moments of everyday life, and so I fell in love with the images of remembrance, especially after one of my brothers went to live in sky, and as Leoni's song says "What will be in the photograph Are the invisible ties there were." And so always with a compact camera (which was my angel brother) in hand, I used to photograph everything. Instinctively I took Publicity and Propaganda where in photography classes I tried to deepen. Soon after came the specific courses in the area of ​​photography, Ws and Congresses. Anyway, I'm a Photographer who tells love stories! Family love, love of brothers, love of lovers, love of animals, love of sport, love in the congregation, love for herself, in short, all kind of love! Wedding photography, family photography, rehearsal photography, event photography.

Lifestyle Portraits by Gustavo Medeiros | Rio de Janeiro Brazil

I'm Gustavo Medeiros, lifestyle portrait and family photographer. I try to use my technique, sensitivity, and dedication to capture natural and spontaneous images, creating a unique and timeless record of people who love each other.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro lifestyle and birth photographer Meymey Ferreira

Photography has always been a passion since my teenage years, but I had never thought of being a professional photographer. Time passed, I grew up, I became manager of a shoe store. The work was gratifying, I really liked what I did, but that passion continued in me, like hibernating, waiting for the right moment to surface. My boyfriend knew that I loved to photograph and, one day, helped me take the first step in realizing my dream. A professional machine and a photography course! The dream was becoming a reality. Other courses and equipment have succeeded, I dedicated myself, tried, tried my best to join the passion with the technique. One day, I felt ready for the first project: a pregnancy test of my sister-in-law. The rehearsal was beautiful! And it seems that she has established a bond between me and my niece and goddaughter. Alice is my top model, although she hates taking pictures (you know, stars are temperamental ...). Of course, every beginning is difficult. At first, I was a photography assistant, worked with lighting, etc. I invested in myself, workshops, events, updates. I began to spread the word, relentlessly. And began the first jobs as an independent professional: baptisms, weddings, birthdays and even births! (by the way, I almost fainted in my first). I keep chasing after my dream and I know I need to stay focused and motivated because this chase is daily, it never ends. Each day, a joy, a lesson, a reason to continue and always want more.

Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Ellen Pedercane of Brazil

Art has always been part of my life after other directions life has put me back in front of her through photography. I bought in 2013 my first DSLR camera and shooting was gaining its space in my routine. I took some courses to know the world of photography at Ateliê da Imagem Cultural Space (Rio de Janeiro) and the passion just grew. I quit my job and spent time traveling with the camera in hand and it became clear: that's what I want to work with. And since then, I deepened my studies and the hobby turned into a profession. I love photographing people: looking with my heart and seeing beyond is what makes me love this craft more and more. In rehearsals, shows or travels, photography reveals the poetry that exists in each being and in every corner of this world. I chose to write with images about the beautiful souls that I am pleased to photograph. Today, more than ever, I propose to capture the essence of your life story, your transparency. This confidence and every smile I receive when submitting a job is what makes me sure that photography is my way. Will we embark with me on this journey? I work in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Michelle Oliveira is a Lifestyle Photographer in Rio de Janeiro.

Mi Oliveira was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. She likes to be surrounded by people who love and friends. She is a biologist because she loves life, as she herself says: "I like everything that moves, and everything that life means." She is a person of great faith, inspiring and reflecting light. Mi always says that she would love to have a beautiful story to tell about her with the photograph. You hardly know you have the most beautiful story because it's your own story. She started studying photography in 2014 when a friend indicated her for a vacancy in a school in Rio de Janeiro. There she discovered her true essence: she loves to tell stories of families, the true record because she can capture beauty in imperfection, she has a sensitive and sharp look. I have the feeling that her photos emit sound, emanate positivity and lots of emotion, true feelings. I am your great admirer, always with your feet on the ground, a firm and light person, very cheerful and contagious. I like the lightness she has in the look and the care she puts into each job. Mi is happy and loves what she does. By Fabiana Peçanha. Mi arrived in my life like a ray of sunshine passing through the window at dawn ... She came softly, and when I found out, she had already illuminated everything where she had gone. And the strength of this light comes - no doubt - from that broad smile and the poetic look she has. When she is photographing, everything flows naturally, because she captivates everyone with her meek way and the strength of her technique. He knows how to make us feel at home and, from there, get the best of us. With great professionalism and with lots of love.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro Family and Lifestyle Photographer, Felipe Caldeira

Hello, I am Felipe Caldeira, a photographer who is passionate about life, smiles and spontaneous moments. I decided to use photography and my gaze to tell and eternalize stories of children and families seeking to do this in the most natural way possible.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Brazil lifestyle photographer Thaissa Resek - Rio de Janeiro

My name is Thaissa Resek, I graduated in Cinema from UFF and I always had a close relationship with arts, be it painting, illustration, cinema or photography. I inherited a passion for the photograph of my father, who had (still has!) A Minolta X-700. I liked to borrow it to photograph, especially animals, with which I always had a very close relationship. In the film course, I became more interested in photography, but I ended up following the path of Animation. This was important in my training because Animation depends a lot on harmony and cinematic language, which I consider essential in the photographic construction. After gaining experience in other areas of Cinema, I decided to return to photography. Today I try to perfect my cinematic look by photographing different themes but in a delicate and singular way.

Maressa Almeida, a lifestyle photographer in Nova Friburgo - RJ

Hello!! I am Maressa, a photographer in Nova Friburgo - RJ and the person behind this company that I love so much, and that was born of the enormous desire to make a difference in people's lives through photography! I'm crazy about smiles, about family, about connections, and this is reflected a lot in the way I chose to express myself through it. Defining my photography as a lifestyle is not simply to have a label, but to show people how they would like it to be seen and felt. Light, simple, spontaneous, effective. The proposal is to register loops and it is them that I always seek!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Outdoor portrait of Petropolis lifestyle photographer Agatha Rezende of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

After the first photography course I fell in love, I found out that it was ... and I never stopped! I am 42 years old and I always try to innovate and evolve every day. I have been working professionally for 3 years and I especially love spontaneous moments, it makes me very happy to participate in the important phases of the lives of the people I photograph, I really get involved, laugh and cry together!

Livia Gameiro Lifestyle Photography in Rio-de-Janeiro

Specialist in Photography of people, Livia Gameiro, by essence and training, is a storyteller. Post-graduate journalist, she found in photography her way and the most beautiful way of delivering her art and what she believes in the world. The greatest inspiration in from her daughter and family, and believes it is a great privilege to be able to tell the story of so many families who trust in their work. It follows a very natural line, highlighting the spontaneity and connection between people.

Brazil and Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Andrea Freire

Hi! My name is Andrea Freire, I am married and the mother of a wonderful girl. My interest in photography was born along with my daughter in the year 2012. Since then I have been seeking new techniques and perfecting my work. My focus on photography is newborn, baby, toddler, pregnant and family.

Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Alexandre Nogueira, of Brasil

Alexandre Nogueira, A passionate to record and eternalize moments, with a unique look, I am looking to make my work timeless. I was always passionate about photography since always I've always had a camera with me. Among my goals is the search to establish with my clients a relationship of trust, partnership, and friendship that makes all the difference when it comes to photographing them. The result is images that overflow feelings, emotions, and spontaneity. Throughout 2018, I have participated in congress and workshops with professionals from Brazil and Europe. I am constantly training and updating myself on the latest trends in photography.

Portrait of Brazil lifestyle photographer Maria Isabel Bel Junqueira, of Rio de Janeiro

Carioca, Bel Junqueira has always loved being on the streets and on the beaches. Until 2008, she photographed with her own eyes. The photograph came in a sweeping way, and after a course, it did not stop. In 2010, she was hired to join the team of the extinct Jornal do Brasil and stayed there for almost 1 year until the printed version of the vehicle ends. Journalism, which has always been her passion, allowed Bel to be in contact with different people and places. She went through the photography of events and architecture, and participated, being assistant photography in 2011, the largest Brazilian architecture event, Casa Cor. In 2012, she became pregnant. For a little over 1 year, she devoted himself exclusively to his son, (re) knew a new way of working and (re) thought concepts. The family photograph was there, naturally present. Motherhood was, therefore, a watershed. The learning that her son brought allowed a new look, a documentary photograph, that gives the world details of a love that is immense and that shows in his photographs. Maternity brought to professional Bel what she lacked at the beginning of her career when she was a photojournalist. A purer, sweeter look at small details that only those who can, whether physically or not, can feel. The battle for human rights has accompanied her since she was a teenager, but only after being a mother has the theme "imprisoned women" become her main author project.

Sao Paulo Lifestyle Photographer Gab Campello, of Brasil

Gab Campello has always had a strong connection with photography. Since 2004, she has worked in post-production of images at the OgrO studio in Rio de Janeiro, where she has attended to major brands such as Coca-Cola, OI, Bob's, FGV, among others. In 2010, the entrepreneur decided to transform the passion for photography into something serious. She specialized in several courses at the renowned Ateliê da Imagem and started working as a professional photographer. Today, she continues the technical improvement in courses and workshops in the area, always prioritizing the quality of the material produced with the sensitivity of a human and maternal look.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Studio portrait of Sao Paulo, Brazil lifestyle photographer Priscilla Mondo

Deeply in love with moments that brings up the best of emotions that is simple yet beautiful and cozy. It was in the Photography classes of the Journalism and Advertising graduation courses of Universidade Federal Fluminense that I discovered my passion for telling stories through images. Since then, I have focused on people and the different relationships that surround them. My goal is to eternalize in images real stories composed of love, emotions and simple moments. I believe in photography as an art that allows me to capture and perpetuate the moments and the distinct phases of life as time passes by.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil Lifestyle Photography by Adriana Viviani, of Espírito Santo

Photography, like everything in my life, was something that came as a curiosity, became a passion and then work. What I can say is that I really love what I do and I spent a lot of time, and I will spend the rest of my life perfecting as well. In all, 10 years - from the first amateur registrations to professionalism - we dedicate ourselves to this art of perpetuating the most important and unforgettable moments of families, couples, parents, debutantes ... Reflecting on things, about my "style" of photography, I think that more important than style is to capture the moment behind an image, to record emotions and to perpetuate feelings ... to give more than an aesthetic sense ... but rather create an exciting and engaging image.

Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Gustavo Neumann

Hello! Pleasure, I'm Gustavo, professional photographer and passionate about my family, friends, animals, travel, coffee, and music. The simplest things in life! With more than 5 years of profession, I photographed several places in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Cuiabá / MT, adding more than 40 works. Based on photojournalism and my way of seeing photography, I try to show with my photos the simplest things, such as looks, gestures, expressions and, above all, feel. Photography is about you and the people you love. There is nothing more precious than that.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sete Lagoas Lifestyle Photography by Leandro Malaquias, of Minas Gerais, Brasil

I was born in the city of Sete Lagoas, MG, my first professional contact as a photographer was with the wedding photography in 2009. Since then, I have started a search for new experiences in different segments of photography such as photography of graduations and events, image editor and teacher of photography helped me broaden my knowledge and set a course of action within the photographic universe. Today I am a family photographer of documentaries, family events, photography teacher and passionate about nature photography and travel. My goal is to produce images that contain real stories of people's important moments, create memories ... and share knowledge.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Marina Ficcio - Sao Paulo.

Bachelor in Photography by SENAC-SP. She interned in the newspaper DCI in São Paulo, photographing social events and portraits. She also worked as an assistant for still photographers. In 2014 she went to Ireland to do an exchange and there he developed personal projects and works in documentary and landscape photography. Returning to her hometown, Jaú, in 2017, started working with family documentary photography, where she spent the day or a few hours with her family portraying the reality of day to day images.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Santa Catarina lifestyle photographer from Florianopolis, Ana Marmo

I'm from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, but I photograph the whole world. I graduated in Social Sciences from UFSC, specializing in Visual Anthropology and Sustainable Development. I also studied Photography at Univali. From an early age, I became interested in Photography and as a teenager I did many courses in the field, working as an assistant to renowned photographers. For many years I worked in Aviation, residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which gave me the chance to travel the world and photograph the most different places and cultures. I currently photograph children, babies, couples, pregnant women and families. I am a mother of two beautiful boys and a very happy wife! My family is my life and they always accompany me in our travels.

Paraiba Lifestyle Photography by Priscila Rodrigues, for Brasil

I'm Pri :) And I'll tell you a crucible about me! Photography has always been something special to me. There were more and more albums in my house. And I remember asking my mother when they were photographed, who the people were, and lots of questions out there. That phase of a curious child, right ?! She was delighted with the negatives and the movies she kept. I was literally struck by an art I never imagined creating. Then came the era of digital photography with smartphones, digital cameras and I just watching and enjoying my amateurism. Haha ... Until I needed a professional photographer. And guess what? My experience was not the best. But I did not stop loving this art despite such frustration. Soon after I went to live in another state. And my life has totally changed. I needed to dedicate myself to something that would make me root. So, the photography has taken root in my life. I literally fell in love with this art. I started meeting amazing people with wonderful stories. And I carry each of them forever in my heart. I leave to them my art that is only the mirror of the love they share. My style is lifestyle photography, and the only reason I find myself in it is the fact that I love every uniqueness of people. And I bring to my families all respect and commitment to their memories. Now let me tell you a little bit about your story ?!

 Maria Luisa de Aguiar Neto for Brasil Lifestyle Photography

Minas Gerais photographer, born in Belo Horizonte. I have been working with lifestyle photography since 2011, witnessing happy stories and forever moments that I am immensely grateful to participate. Every customer, an exciting story of great learning. I'm happy to be a lifestyle photographer!