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Santa Catarina  LIfestyle Photographer, Thiago Braga, of Florianopolis

Immediately in love with photography, I have been fortunate in recent years to turn this love into a profession. I started photographing nature. Over time, a lot of dedication and study, I was also enchanted to record the beauty that exists, of course, in each person and moment. My family has aroused this even more in me. I am married to Gabi, the father of Kaio and Lara, and I am fortunate to have them by my side supporting me in all the work. Gabi is in the day to day of the post-production and in the materials that, with affection, I give to the clients; and my children with the daily dose of inspiration and love that overflows in me. And so, on this journey since 2015, we have had the pleasure of meeting many people and registering beautiful stories.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Joni Pereira is a Lifestyle Photographer - Santa Catarina Photography

Joni, married to Dagi, was the first to discover photography and found the art, the art of light. In family and lifestyle photography, he found the art of portraying people, loves, affections. In documentary photography, he found the art of looking attentive to every detail. He started shooting in 2012 and then turned out to be an artist and also a panda. Since photography college, when he won a panda toy from a friend and used it to do various jobs, he became known as a panda. Pandas are docile and shy, but also warriors when they need them.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Manu Rigoni is a Lifestyle Photographer from Mato Grosso

I'm from Santa Catarina, born and raised belly-green until I'm 19 years old. Graduated in Social Communication from the Federal University of Mato Grosso, I have walked in various areas of photography since I adopted Mato Grosso as my home, but four years ago I chose family and lifestyle photography to love. I am a traveling collector and I dedicate myself to knowing and photographing different places and people of the world at least once a year. I love Cinema and I take my biggest inspiration in it. I live today in Cuiabá and amidst so many welcoming people, I am inspired day by day to have a light and full of stories.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sheila Maria Cupertino Gomes, Lifestyle Photographer for Minas Gerais, Brasil.

Hi. I'm Sheila: wife of Alysson and mother owl and completely in love with my little one: Arthur. Graduated as Generalist Pharmacy. Specialist in Pharmacology at the Federal University of Lavras and in Media for Education at the Federal University of Ouro Preto. I have been married for almost 5 years, and it was during the preparation of my marriage that I discovered my passion for photography. Every day, I discovered new works and photographers .. and I was delighted with the technique, with the light, with the sensitivity of each one. It was not long before the wish and the dream come true. With the support of my family and my husband, I got my first DSLR. Since then I have never stopped photographing. I see each work as a challenge, as an opportunity to show my technique and my passion for every detail! I believe, yes, that with a look, sensitivity and much, much love, beautiful images can be made practically anywhere, however unusual and simple they may seem. Thank you to God, my family and all my friends and clients...nothing would be possible without your support and affection!!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Clara Sampaio is a Lifestyle Photographer in Brazil

I am Clara Sampaio, I photograph for passion and love my profession. Since I've changed architecture for wedding photography and family, I can say that I'm part of a select group of people who work with what they really like, and that makes all the difference. The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I photograph the moments as they actually happen. I seek the truth of each couple's feelings to tell their love story with pictures.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Jeanny Paiva Lopes is a lifestyle photographer for Minas Gerais, Brasil

Graduated in Computer Science, I also work as a systems analyst and discovered in lifestyle photography a great passion, and a way to get to know others, and especially to know myself better. It's been an incredible journey, and I invite you to be a part of it.

Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Yulia Timofeeva, in Brasil.

I specialise in family, portrait and wedding destination photography. I'm inspired by the beauty of nature and uniqueness of every person. And that’s what I want to capture and show through my camera - your beauty and the beauty around you. That's why my photos are simple and stylish, with a lot of natural light, natural colors and real emotions. My clients are from all over the world: USA, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Litva, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Take a look at my portfolio and let me be your next photographer.

Minas Gerais Lifestyle Photographer, Bruno Guedes - Family Portraits

Since my childhood, my eyes were bright at the holidays, not at the party, but because my uncle Dimas (Dimas Guedes), the photographer, was going to come and bring with him his older camera, besides his older cousins. He carried a bag with several lenses and black little pots with 35mm films. From time to time he would gather his family on the sidewalk, and place the camera across the street on a tripod, and run through us, and as if in a magical moment, the camera would take the picture by itself. I never understood how that was possible, but one day I knew I would understand such a thing. Time passed, and that attentive-looking boy shifted to the side of the camera. Today, I try to understand how some noble mortals that I have as reference in the photograph (if I were to quote each of them this text would turn a book), manages to capture images that transpose composition and reality, and manage to reveal feelings without a single word being heard, as if we could smell the place, the heat or the cold that picture reveals. I like to read, books not so much, one a month is enough for me, but photos ... the photos, this I like to read, understand, decipher, unveil the light, direction, brightness and darkness that each image shows or hides . This is me, somewhat confused in what I say, but decided in what I do. It's my mining way of being. By myself, Bruno, Minasiro and Ubaense, photographer of happy moments, married to the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever seen, father of the most adorable child, Christian in love with Jesus, pastor and future inhabitant of heaven. "My family taught me that a man needs a family to live"

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sao Paulo Lifestyle Photographer Gab Campello, of Brasil

Gab Campello has always had a strong connection with photography. Since 2004, she has worked in post-production of images at the OgrO studio in Rio de Janeiro, where she has attended to major brands such as Coca-Cola, OI, Bob's, FGV, among others. In 2010, the entrepreneur decided to transform the passion for photography into something serious. She specialized in several courses at the renowned Ateliê da Imagem and started working as a professional photographer. Today, she continues the technical improvement in courses and workshops in the area, always prioritizing the quality of the material produced with the sensitivity of a human and maternal look.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Florianopolis Lifestyle Photographer Ráisa Mello, for Santa Catarina, Brasil

We are Ráisa Mello and Diego Viera. We have known each other in São Paulo for almost 12 years and since then we have not left! Besides a couple who love each other very much, we are great friends and partners. We are super family and homemade! We love a good chat and a good meeting with friends! The photograph came into our lives unexpectedly! When we look for a photographer for our wedding, we discover and delight ourselves with the art of recording and perpetuating emotions. Today we make magic by perpetuating smiles, laughter, and emotions!

Studio portrait of Sao Paulo, Brazil lifestyle photographer Priscilla Mondo

Deeply in love with moments that brings up the best of emotions that is simple yet beautiful and cozy. It was in the Photography classes of the Journalism and Advertising graduation courses of Universidade Federal Fluminense that I discovered my passion for telling stories through images. Since then, I have focused on people and the different relationships that surround them. My goal is to eternalize in images real stories composed of love, emotions and simple moments. I believe in photography as an art that allows me to capture and perpetuate the moments and the distinct phases of life as time passes by.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Claudia Ruiz is a Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer

What would be the history of humanity without the records of reality through images? From cave paintings to digital photographs, nothing but interpretations of the world. There has always been and always will be the need to portray. Play to pass on. A way to talk to the future, saying, "Guys, I've been here!" A way to keep what time it takes. It is to play God and go back in time whenever you feel like it. As a photographer, I have quite a task in my hands! A very responsible job. Tell stories, capture genuine feelings, document moments of happiness and love. I create my images with an open heart and a free mind. I have restless and curious eyes ... eyes that see the world in the eagerness to stop time! I really want to know and be able to tell your story!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Minas Gerais lifestyle photographer Gislene Souza, of Brazil

Hi! I'm Gi, Gislene. Wife of Maxi, miner of Gov Valadares, passionate about coffee, flowers, simple people, and incredible stories. I dedicate to photography at 3 years. The other day I wondered how photography came into my life. Reviewing old albums with the family, I came across a "dating session" of my sister and boyfriend (now husband), recorded by me with an analog camera (movie 36 haha ​​poses). A few days ago I received a message from a cousin: "Gi, do not you know what I found here? Some photos you took mine there in the backyard" haha ​​(this we had between 10 and 12 years). I say more, looking at my father's cell phone, I see photos of "everything" rs, cats, flowers, landscapes, my grandmother, my mother day by day, my grandchildren, my photos, my brothers and etc ... He is a collector of moments, of memories, of stories (I inherited it from him). Anyway, I think photography has come into my life forever. What it means to me, goes way beyond a printed image or view on the computer/cell screen. I really like the stories behind every recorded moment. And if you let me, we can make stories together! Thank you for the time you took to get to know my corner! Bjo Gi!

Portrait of Parana lifestyle photographer Heloisa Todescatt, of Brazil

Hi, I'm Heloisa Todescatt, better known as Helô. Academic advertising and advertising that loves cappuccino and chocolate from the bottom of the heart. I am passionate about trips, I like changes, decoration, series and spending the weekends in big centers. Besides lifestyle photography, another hobby that is very pleasant for me is to write. For much to read and to imagine, many posts here are accompanied by verses, stories, short stories, very modest and author. I knew the photography around the age of 10, and since then I have dedicated myself to seeking, knowing and understanding this world and everything it brings. My 15-year-old princess gift was a camera of my own, and from there I timidly started photographing family events. Things were happening and going well, and at 16 I decided to take as a profession, a hobby that grew up with me.

Marcia Kohatsu is a Brasil based lifestyle photographer serving Curitiba and Parana

I am made of stories and therefore I love to observe everything and to live life intensely so that I can have so many good stories to tell. And the photograph showed me this way, how to tell these narratives, mine, yours and everyone I meet on the way. Being able to record their trajectories and to follow a little of the life of each one that looks for me is something that I do with much love, seeking to honor every encounter, every memory. Being able to make a record of your life with a look that runs away from the obvious and that allows your emotions to be felt every time you look at your pictures is what I want to do.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Lifestyle Photography by Amanda Alexandre

I am a family photographer, passionate about life, chocolate, and music. Since 2011 with the company Amanda Alexandre Fotografia, giving families the best memory of their lives by recording unique and exclusive moments. I add my profession of lifestyle photographer to my Phonoaudiology training, (UFRJ), through many interesting content in my blog and even chatting with my clients, because I find out that there are many questions, which I am very happy to be able to help. For me, photography is what stays when time goes by, it's the best way we have to remember something we live and miss. On paper, in the picture frame, on the cell phone. Lifestyle photography is part of us and I chose to do it from my life, I chose to be part of many families. I will be very happy to record a little bit of your story. Your family's story.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Carolina Pires, of Brazil

Hi, I'm Carol Pires! I like to talk, I like to look in the eyes, to laugh, to drink good wine, to read before bed. I ask about everything, I'm interested in the lives of others, not others on the TV, but the others you. I like to listen to stories, I like to build stories. In fact, I like people who are protagonists of life itself. When I was a child I used to play dolls. Well, anyone remembers? I used to play house, to be a mother. He was joking about having a family, having a husband and a job. And did not that happen? Today I am crazy with love for Francisco, my little puppy that is under my wing, opa! mother owl, I'm married to photographer Tulio Thomé and together we built our life that is not a commercial, phew! It's real life, as I've always wanted! And why photo? Photography is the medium I've found for more than 10 years where I find myself more comfortable doing what I love: connecting with people, having fun and looking at the beautiful! So I put everything together: photography, families, people, women, memories, colors, images, stories. This is my job and that's what I love to do!

Brasilia lifestyle photographer Ednilson Silva of Federal District, Brazil

Ednilson Silva born in Fortaleza-Ce and I chose Brasília-DF to live, graduated in marketing, married, father of a beautiful girl. I have always been passionate about photography. Today I am specialized in family lifestyle photography. I chose to portray families because I believe that family is our most precious asset and I want to provide my clients with the opportunity to have their stories kept not only in their memories but that their children feel all the emotion of remembering their childhood, reviewing their faces and mouths when it was a baby, its whimper and smile. When you choose to photograph your family, you also choose to keep relics, memories of precious objects that will be kept for generations, I feel honored to enter your home and be able to record your life as it is.

Brasil Lifestyle Photography by Adriana Viviani, of Espírito Santo

Photography, like everything in my life, was something that came as a curiosity, became a passion and then work. What I can say is that I really love what I do and I spent a lot of time, and I will spend the rest of my life perfecting as well. In all, 10 years - from the first amateur registrations to professionalism - we dedicate ourselves to this art of perpetuating the most important and unforgettable moments of families, couples, parents, debutantes ... Reflecting on things, about my "style" of photography, I think that more important than style is to capture the moment behind an image, to record emotions and to perpetuate feelings ... to give more than an aesthetic sense ... but rather create an exciting and engaging image.

Taís Motta is a family photographer from Sao Paulo, Brasil.

I graduated in Social Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from PUC Campinas and I began to photograph after meeting my fiancé, also a photographer, Vinícius Fadul. At the time he was starting out in the wedding area and, to stay together, I began to accompany him as an assistant lighting. Over time, I took a liking to photography and became its second photographer. I have been photographing for 6 years, and at that time the family photograph moved me, caught my attention, made me look at everything with different eyes. As the family is important in my life, recording these moments and being able to make them a memory for the next generations is an inexplicable sensation and of great value to me.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Roraima lifestyle photographer Jucelino Lucio Meryman da Silva, of Brazil

I am the Jucelino, Christian, cheerful, and teller of beautiful stories. I am 23 years old, where 3 of those years dedicated to photography, mainly family. Photography came to my life by accident, in a way that was unintentional, and was then a way and a desire without return, I fell in love with this wonderful art, and portrait the life of many families through my eyes and my photography. A lover of family photography! Photography is everywhere, all the time and hourly. I believe very much in her power to keep our stories. These stories can never be forgotten. It is for these and other reasons that I am a photographer, I have this mission to tell and keep the family history!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer Luis Henrique Vieira

Hello! I'm Luis and my story with photography started early. I've always seen my father handling a movie camera for his work. This has always piqued my curiosity, to understand that magic of appearing printed on paper! Time passed and I grew up. So, the digital machines arrived, I began to register scenes of my daily life. I married, that's when things got serious! My wife, Josy, taught me how the photographic process worked, until then I only worried about clicking to photograph, ISO, speed, diaphragm, framing... I fell in love! Since then I have not stopped and since it all began as a family, I specialized in photographing what I love most.

Minas Gerais Lifestyle Photographer, Nael Couto, of Brasil

I'm a dreamy, cheerful guy and I love my family. To photograph for me is to have the opportunity to relate to people and to know a little of the history and life of each one. Through my lens I try to register feelings and emotions, creating not only beautiful images but memories that will be eternalized.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Aline Prado is a lifestyle photographer for Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Aline Prado changed a stable career in the oil industry to follow her dream at become a wedding and family photographer which was an old passion. Since she'd started with family photography, her intention was to extract spontaneous moments and the real essence of individuals.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA

Hi! Today I am a photographer, mother, RTV, passionate about portraits, stories, and stories ... From a very young age, I found myself delighted in the photo sessions that I went with my mother. I remember always walking with a camera in my hand, leaving the crazy friends to hear so much let's take a picture?! But it was during my adolescence that it sparked a passion for photography. I remember the delight of sitting and listening to stories Grandma told us, always illustrated with the most varied stories, written with unknown names and super old dates behind each portrait. I am the mother of Adam. Together we like to travel and travel. We went to the Himalayas, through the African savannah, and we knew the land of Mickey, and once we went to the moon!!! All this without leaving our yard. We like to live in a world where everything is possible, a magical universe where closing our eyes and believing is easy to find. Family moments are precious and being able to follow the development of this love is extremely rewarding. Being able to be part of these special moments, made me understand that photography is more than a souvenir.

Santa Catarina lifestyle photography by Glaucia da Costa of Brazil

A lover of the simple things in life! Since taking a chimarrão alone, or a good conversation in a great circle of friends! Photography is part of my lifestyle, and I usually say that I am a soul miner, I seek much more than simply to make portraits, but rather to rescue from the intimate of each one the best and true feeling of who I am photographing, truly bringing his soul and his essence to the captured images. I am the mother of two beautiful children, the Mariana and the Bento, two beings that since coming have more light and meaning in my life! Motherhood enchants me, I am in love with family, pregnant women, children, and every subject that revolves around it. I am an activist for Humanized Natural Delivery and Prolonged Breastfeeding! Every day I try to do my best for each family that gives me the pleasure of portraying them through my glasses!

Macaé Lifestyle Photography by Oxana Kellermann, of Rio de Janeiro

My name is Oxana Kellermann. I am family photographer in Macaé, RJ, Brazil. I am Russian, but have more than 10 years of experience living abroad including famous Bali island where I met my beloved Brazilian husband and moved to Macaé, Rio de Janeiro state 3 years ago. Also Bali island inspired me to start oil painting, photography and boosted my creativity in general. In my photos I am capturing real emotions and beauty of the moment in elegant and natural way. I help my clients to feel comfortable during the session and be free to show their individuality. I fall in love with every family with whom I work and it is a honor for me that they trusted me to register their histories.

Studio portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Alexandre Grand

I love contact with nature and whenever I can I enjoy being on the beach feeling the sea breeze and the wind blowing in the sand. I love music and movies and spent my childhood listening to punk and rock. In the movies, I like Kubrick, Tim Burton but Tarantino is my favorite. Currently one of my passions is coffee! I like to know new cultures and improve my photographic content and when I can, I travel with my wife and little Clara to different, unusual places. One of the things that thrills me most is taking my daughter to the beach and watching her run on the sand with all the purity of soul that only a child has, braving this whole world. The many years I worked as a graphic designer trained me to do a thorough and very handcrafted image post-production work. My edition is very artistic. I'm a fan of people who smile and even more of those who laugh. I am a fan of sunset, bare feet, and a full moon.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Pernambuco Lifestyle Photographer Carolina Campos, for Brasil

As long as I can remember, I've had a camera in my hands, but it was only in 2016 that I became a photographer. When I became mother, I began to give more importance to the moment and phases of a family. I realized how fast time passes and how important it is that we have all this recorded. I brought to my photograph what I would like for my own family, which is to be able to look back and see pictures that portray who we really are and be able to remember what motivates our journey.

Belem lifestyle photography by Nina Castro of Para Brazil

I discovered the photography after my wedding, since then I've kept studying, working and exploring this incredible world. Furthermore, I believe that photography can bring us memories, sensations, smells, and tastes. I love real photography, when we have relaxed smiles, Sundays with family, grated knees, hose baths and love hugs!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer André de Castro

Hello! First of all, thank you for visiting our space. I came from another area, I'm also Systems Analyst. I belong to my dear wife and children. Some time ago, I was inspired to begin the realization of a dream: Make of my great passion, photography, the livelihood, and sustenance.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photography by Jac Oliveira, of Rio Grande do Sul.

I'm Brazilian, and I'm from Rio Grande do Sul. A journalist with an academic background and photographer since 2009. I photograph people and what they feel in different situations: from birth to marriage. I live in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, but I get wherever my client wants and is. There are no boundaries for true connections! Besides photography, I have other passions: my cats, cinema, music and friends, and family. Let's get to know each other?

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Paulista Lifestyle Photography by Silla Cadengue of Brasil, Pernambuco

I am Silla Cadengue and I have been a photographer in 3por4Photography since 2015 when we started our work with event photography and in 2016, we were graced and welcomed by families. Since then, 3por4Photography has the honor of recording and sharing moments, materializing memories and affections, rescuing smiles with dedication and great affection. Our work is a mix of energy, affection, joy, passion and friends, many friends and loves on this journey up here. Nobody does anything alone, does it ?! Not alone, not just for you. Everything that we are is mixed in our work in an organic way, and that is exactly how we like to present our photograph. In an organic, human and synesthetic way we seek to integrate the sensations, experiences, colors and all the energy of the event into our clicks. Energy is what truly moves us! Our mission is to act as emotional filters, registering smiles, eternalizing the emotions, creating rhythm and a dynamic for the lived stories. We photograph for moments to gain meaning.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photographer Ana Telma Furtado of Brazil

I am Ana Telma, a lifestyle family photographer, and I am very happy that you are here in my corner, trying to know a little more about me and my work. :) Hope you like! I am a person who loves his friends. I defend everyone with all my might if they need to. I worry and hope for their happiness. I'm kind of melon-headed to remember birthdays, phones and stuff like that, but they're always in my prayers and certainly always in my heart. I love cats and I'm the mother of two kittens, Bill and Ivanka. They are my loves! I love my family, my safe haven, my certainty of always love and lap in my life. I have relatives in Rio, Minas, Sao Paulo and even outside Brazil. I think that's why I always love to travel! I love studying too! In addition to studying a lot of photography, I have already taken a degree in Computer Science and Journalism.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA

After fighting a terminal cancer, I changed the way of looking at life, everything has its beauty, even if the sad moments can have its positive side. Life is beautiful, and I want to show the beauty through my eyes, so I became a photographer. After this i travel the world doing what he most liked, photographed more than 150 cities across world. If you need to record your most important moments, you need who has a unique look and know the power of an image.

Luciana Nascimento Martins is a Lifestyle Photographer for Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

Luciana Martins works mainly with family photography, both in rehearsals and documentary photography, recording pregnancies, births, children, events and family gatherings. Author of the project "Love that comes from the Breast", which involves the world of breastfeeding and the "Project Growing" developed since 2013, which has accompanied the school development of more than 80 children. It has a portfolio approved by Vogue Italy, with female photographs. Graduated in Nutrition, she has worked in the field for 11 years. Everything changed in 2012 when it came to motherhood. During those months a lot of things changed and some certainties emerged: it was time to change. Taking photos of her daughter and realizing the importance of each image in her life, she felt that photography should be part of her. After many workshops, immersions, various courses, much study, and dedication, she decided to photograph life.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photographer Cristiane Baptista of Brazil

Hi, I'm Cris, a Rio photographer, married, Caio's mother, talkative by nature, happy with life, and passionate about the power of photography since a very young age. I have been a professional photographer since 2013 and since then I have had the joy of sharing happy moments with several families who believed that I could tell the story of their lives through images. I have always tried to capture the essence of the people I photograph in a spontaneous and relaxed way. I graduated in Letters by the UERJ. I passed the state contest, but in the middle, I gave up everything, it was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. I really wanted to photograph. I went after my big dream: to give families memories, with sweet memories!!!

Minas Gerais Lifestyle Photography by Fabiano Araujo - Brasil

Lifestyle and Family Photographer. More than 20 years of experience telling stories of beautiful families in the city Uba, State of Minas Gerais. Married, father of 2 wonderful sons you are the reason for the dedication in my work. Passionate about people photography, and connections and memories.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Parana and Curitiba Lifestyle Photographer Isabella Moscatelli, of Brasil

My name is Isabella, photographer and mother. It was the motherhood that brought the photograph to my life, and so I discovered how valuable are the records I can afford to make. The photograph chose me because I could see through my glasses, passions previously unseen, and so I chose to work only with what we take of the most valuable in this life that is our family, children, friends, important moments. Because moments are eternal only in our memories, through photography, I can eternalize them forever.

Lifestyle Photographer Marcela Alimari from Brazil

Hello, my name is Marcela, I have been a photographer for four years and I live exclusively in photography, and it was precisely in her that I was able to find myself again. My family is spread around the world and it is not always that I can gather them into a hug, so every work becomes unique and full of this longing and that love that I carry inside my chest. Work portraying genuine moments of families, real portraits, pure sensibility, that is, no poses ready, no mounts or devices. I want to show, through my eyes, how simple and how beautiful we are to admire them. My job is to collect portraits of important moments with affection, creating memories for your family transcending generations.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Parana lifestyle photography by Evelen Torrens

Hello, my name is Evelen and I want to be a photographer of your family. I have already passed the 30 years, advertising diploma with praise, "life loka of marketing" and its deadlines crazy. The sky was not the limit until the day I generated 2 lives at the same time, which challenged me to see the real meaning of life's value. No doubt, the challenge that cornered me in the corner of the wall. I found myself fighting for my life. I watched my children fight for their lives. I saw life almost run down between my fingers. I saw that the sky was the limit and it had to be respected. I saw myself a mother and it changed my life. I've been photographing since college days (2003). I photographed important moments of friends and family - fundamental in this journey, but I had never taken seriously "this photography business". Until ... I became a full - time mother, 30 a.m. a day. Mother does overtime without pay. Life gained color, passion, gratitude in the small details, laughter without commitment and tears without an hour. In short: Life has gained SENSE. Photographing the pregnant woman happened to be a rescue of life, of my life. To register the development of the baby is to be moved with the mother by the gift of love for that being. Photographing other people's birthday was a celebration of my life. For me, photography is love, untouchable truth, and feeling.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Nana Bonorino, Lifestyle Photographer from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Hello, I am Nana, the mother of Antonia and Assisi. My greatest love of life! I like the cold of the rain ... sun of life! In love with photography from a very early age, I always dreamed of practicing this profession, but I ended up studying mathematics and taught for a while. So I happened to rehearse from a friend's family and things started to happen. It started my dream there. Things happened very fast, that's when I decided to drop everything and invest in what today makes me someone professionally accomplished. To keep happy moments of families, to keep love, smiles, to keep affections forever is what I look for with my work. Photography has this power. The power to bring smell, feeling, sound, touch the moment just like it did. Is not it fascinating to be able to take your most important moment out of the box and be able to relive it whenever you want? So I invite you to save everything in the form of photography, come and see a little of my work. I will love to keep your most important moments.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are home to family photographer Bruno Montt

Hello! I'm Bruno and I love helping families to collect their memories. I'm from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil but I'm a destination photographer. My passion for photography began as photographed, seeing me in the old family albums and trying to relive all those moments. That deepened when I graduated in Visual Arts 10 years ago. The power of a keepsake is something that makes my eyes shine and providing this is very rewarding. I'm in the photographic industry for some years, which allowed me to photograph families, births, weddings, teach workshops and win some awards. Want to know more? Get in touch :)

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Ana Aguiar is a Brasil-based lifestyle and family photographer in Santa Catarina.

Hello! I am Ana, married to Bob, photographers in Joinville SC, married and papal of three kittens full of personality, Bruce, Palmito, and Marujo. Ana started taking hobby photography as a child, they were spent movie rolls and a mother with a huge bill in the photo lab and hardly knew she would later become her profession. Together with Bob, who thought his records were only physical and logical, he ended up falling in the middle of it all, recording from the beginning of the family, waiting for a baby to his moments of celebration, and why not a shower. hose? A run at the edge of the beach? A war of pillows? In addition to photographers, we also travel the world sharing knowledge with other professionals. We have our own Workshop and have already spoken at several important events and congresses in Brazil. We are members of the Family Photojournalist Association and the Lifestyle Photographers Association.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil Lifestyle Photographer for Sao Paulo - Carla Frascarelli

My name is Carla, but you can call me Aunt Carlinha or Auntie Cá! I am the photographer behind the lifestyle photos of Yellow Ribbon Photography. I LOVE being with my family, my husband, traveling, meeting people, listening to stories and making a GOOD chat. I believe in a colorful world, in which happiness is in us and that always [and forever] we must dream GIANT. I graduated in Design and did more than 50 photography courses and workshops. I ended up specializing only in trials and events of Family [pet, pregnant, newborn and child]. I love nature and all the SENSATION and ENERGY it can offer. So I chose to bring my 'studio' to any place that has the sunshine and lots of LOVE. I believe that a GOOD photograph is capable of FOREVER keeping the joy of a HAPPY moment.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photographer, Daniela Justus.

I’m Daniela Justus, Miguel and Laura’s mom and a family photographer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been working as a photographer since 2006 and have more than 10 years of previous experience in marketing and management. I’m dedicated to documenting families, especially births and baby sessions. I have seen and taken pictures of more than 160 babies being born in Rio and I absolutely love my job!

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Nane Newton, Lifestyle Photographer serving Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Hello, I'm Nane (my real name!), Carioca, mother of Matheus and Filó (my 4-legged daughter), and in love with the cute things in life! Veterinarian, I discovered photography for the love of animals. But over time, I realized that my passion was even for the feelings of truth, for the emotion that some things in life bring us. For me, photographing families is much more than pushing a button, is to share and live with them the most important moments of their lives.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Rio de Janeiro Lifestyle Photography by Ana Paula Campbell - Brasil

I'm Ana Campbell. If you had to leave all your belongings behind and could only choose something to take with you, what would you take? I would definitely take my photos. Am I the only one to think so? My father is an amateur artist, he paints pictures and sculpts wood in his spare time. On the other hand, there was a very strong culture in the family that any profession related to the arts was not a good option for the future. I lived this conflict for a long time. I graduated in computer science and worked for years with it. And one day I bought my first camera DSLR. I started to learning how to use the camera in 2011 and I did not stop anymore. Then, in 2015 I completely migrated to a new career as photographer. The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I try photograph the moments as they actually happen. I’m dedicated to documenting families and solo portraits. My desire is to create images with purity, freedom, experiences and I hope that it inspire others to love life as I love.

Renato Mello is a Lifestyle Photographer from Rio Grande do Sul

I am a native of the Gaucho coast of Brazil and love people, Netflix and Café. In 2011, I got involved with a theater group where I developed a strong relationship with art but mainly photography. Passionate about the people and their stories, I found photography a way to develop relationships and especially to store memories. "Photography is timeless by nature, it re-lives the passing, it lives the present, and it will live the future. Perhaps it is the purest form of expressing something, photography is the fact, the event, but it is, above all, the feeling."

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Waleska Battistella Lifestyle Photographer Brazil

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development from Unisinos and working with IT since 2008 ... However, it was always the art that made my heart smile. My first steps in photography began at age 23. However, my plans were being developed gradually, mainly because I needed to divide my focus with the conclusion of the college. A current student of the Italian language and admirer of this culture, I could not think of another name to create my brand aimed at women's and couples' essays other than Dolci Ritratti, which means Sweet Portraits. For me, photography is not limited only to capturing moments, but in the whole creative process, which involves a lot of studies, reference research, editing to enhance the image, caprice, and quality in the final photographic content delivered. Oh, and mainly a lot of information exchange with the client in order to understand their expectations and overcome them in the most creative and surprising way possible. I am a very lucky person to have the opportunity to work from an early age with what I really love. Rest assured that your memories will be treated with much respect and affection for me.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Rio Grande do Sul Lifestyle Photographer Gustavo Neumann

Hello! Pleasure, I'm Gustavo, professional photographer and passionate about my family, friends, animals, travel, coffee, and music. The simplest things in life! With more than 5 years of profession, I photographed several places in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Cuiabá / MT, adding more than 40 works. Based on photojournalism and my way of seeing photography, I try to show with my photos the simplest things, such as looks, gestures, expressions and, above all, feel. Photography is about you and the people you love. There is nothing more precious than that.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sao Paulo and Jundiaí Lifestyle Photography by Flavia Giovanini, in Brasil

Shooting for me is so much more than just working, it's feeling free and full of love, that's when I feel more fulfilled and happy. The photograph came very early in my life, as a child I hoped that my brother would ask me to "hit" a photo on his camera, a compact analogue. I always enjoyed seeing the photos my grandmother kept, they were the ones that were inside a monocle, remember? I liked it when someone arrived with a newly revealed movie so that I could literally take the photos and see which ones were good and which ones "burned". The first opportunity I had I bought my first camera, a compact one, that I loved and photographed everything and everything, was a great companion, as it was stolen, then soon replaced by another one, since I could not stay one day without photographing something, since then I had several cameras, until I got a super zoom of Fuji from my husband (and encouragement). With so much encouragement from my mother-in-law Celia and my sister-in-law Angela, I decided to enroll in a basic photography course where I fell completely in love with the profession and decided there that was what I wanted for my whole life; then came several and several workshops and a while later I graduated from Senac Jundiaí and since then only love has been growing. I spent a season living in the city of Seattle that is in the State of Washington one of the most beautiful of the United States and I also met the city of New York. In Seattle, I was able to experience the day-to-day lives of Americans and how is life there, if I photographed? Of course, I could not go back there without having done beautiful work. Traveling is a love that goes hand in hand for me. The main objective of my work is to photograph children and their families in a natural, relaxed, light climate with a focus on daytime photographs, mainly external essays and birthdays. I like to show spontaneity, a smile, a look, a joke, creating true memories and with a lot of feeling to keep with affection for life.

Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Gustavo Lucena

Professional photographer since 2009, Gustavo Lucena has accumulated some international and national photography awards. With style that values ​​affective memory and photojournalism, Gustavo specializes in wedding photography, Family, Pregnant and Advertising.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA
Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photographer Renata Loyola, of Minas Gerais.

I am Renata Loyola, a mother of two, an entrepreneur, a graduate in Pedagogy, specialized in Special Education, a student of Graphic Design, and enchanted by children and in love with photography.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Buenos Aires Lifestyle Photographer Julieta Martinez

I am a lifestyle and documentary family photographer based in Buenos Aires. I am also a mother of 3 girls. I have been a photographer in Argentina since 2010, focusing on families since 2015.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Lifestyle Photographer, Cibele Piovesan - Brazil

Lifestyle Family Photographer, wife, mother of 3, in love with families, specializing in childbirth and newborn photography, naturally and lovingly records the most special moments in life.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brazil and Rio de Janeiro lifestyle photography by Andrea Freire

Hi! My name is Andrea Freire, I am married and the mother of a wonderful girl. My interest in photography was born along with my daughter in the year 2012. Since then I have been seeking new techniques and perfecting my work. My focus on photography is newborn, baby, toddler, pregnant and family.

Rodrigo is a storytelling photographer, "Macgyver", ThetaHealer® and worked with the biggest directors of TV Globo and Brazilian Cinema. A true dream catcher, super good with life and always with an unexpected solution to any situation. He always says, "If it's hard I do, if it's impossible, give me 15 minutes!" Always ready to help anyone, he has a more sensitive heart than you can imagine. Ah! And make the best chocolate cake with carrots from the Universe.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Brasil and Sao Paulo Lifestyle Photographer Angelica de Freitas Filho

Pleasure, my name is Angelica, but you can call me Gé :), I'm biomedical by training and I found in photography a passion. I am married, 8 years have passed, we have 2 adorable children, the real responsible for our entry into photography and so we continue living and enjoying every day as much as possible, together we build our life that is not margarine commercial. It's real life! I like to talk, to look into my eyes, to laugh, to be with my boys, to reunite family and friends, to listen and build stories. And why the photograph? Huuum, because in her I found the means to do what I love, to connect with people, to have fun, to look at the beautiful. When you meet someone who has more faith in you than you do in yourself, you know you are on the right path and so partners in life, we become a partner in photography. In this professional and personal merger, we created our own company, now called Casulo Imagens. Finally, we understood that from telling stories we counted ours as well.

Aline Moreno, lifestyle photographer for all of Parana and Curitiba.

I use all my sensibility to photograph as faithfully and naturally as possible. I understand as a privilege, the opportunity I have to witness moments of CARING and unconditional love. I believe in storytelling photography. And I will LOVE to register yours!

Portrait of Belo Horizonte Lifestyle Photographer Mattheus Wilkisom, of Minas Gerais, Brazil

I never wanted to be a photographer, I did not choose this profession. At the beginning of my training for a photographer, I wanted to learn about photography to record my travels and to be able to show my friends the best way I've been. However, one day I found a family photo album and with my grandmother I accompanied them, I noticed that a feeling of nostalgia, happiness, and longing took me. So I fell in love not only with photography but with genuine feelings and the purest way of telling stories. I was conquered! I found myself completely in love with sincere smiles, tears of happiness, and at times unique, that would never come back, but that could be remembered just like it was with me for several other people. And why not do it the best way, why not choose the best way to narrate these beautiful stories, of love, friendship, and joys. Photographs are poems made with memories, they are stories written today that will last forever. I'm not a photographer, I'm a love storyteller ...

Lívia Delgado is a Lifestyle Photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Born in Teresópolis, a mountain town in the State of Rio de Janeiro, I grew up surrounded by an incredible family and inspiring wolves From an early age I got used to admiring the beautiful and the arts as ways of seeing reality. Graduated in Law, I exercise until today the profession with passion and dedication, qualities that I transpose to all the domains of my personal and professional life. The photograph arose from the need to record my wandering around the world and the people who make my universe more beautiful and happy. Then, I began to study photography technique with a keen eye, in order to eternalize everything that poetically my eyes and lenses can capture. However, no teacher or book is able to teach us to open the soul of the photographed, which is only possible if he generously wants to share his inner world and his experiences.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Sao Paulo lifestyle photographer Eduardo Martins of Brazil

Since 2012 when I took my first professional camera in my hand, I did not stop photographing and rediscovered a passion that was already in the family since my childhood, influenced by my father. Although he has always been a hobby and not a profession, I can say that the contact I had in the past has helped me a lot to understand the love I feel for photography today. Today, together with others as passionate as myself, we embrace this project with great dedication. So if you look for professionals with new blood, full of desire to make your moment something exclusive, I guarantee you're in the right place. The passion for photography moves us, motivates us ... so with each new job, we feel that we realize ourselves together with our couples. We would like to tell your story in the most exclusive way possible, making it unique,

Brasil based lifestyle and family photography by Anna Belova, of  Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte.

My name is Anna Belova, I'm Ukrainian. I'm an Inspiration Family member in Brazil. I lived in Brazil for 5 years and now live in Portugal. I love photography. December 2017 I attended a workshop with famous international photographer Karina Kiel - children's photography and artistic treatment. May 2018 - I received an international certificate - TOP 90 photographers in Brazil 2017.

Lisboa Lifestyle Photographer Debora Prates of Portugal.

Debora is a photographer, mother, entrepreneur, immigrant. She began investing in photography after the birth of his first child 10 years ago. She bought a camera to capture these moments and had a great disappointment with the result of the images. She began to study and never stop it! Soon a great passion has come and also the desire to transform other people’s lives. In 2013 she graduated as a professional photographer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After participating in many congresses and workshops throughout the country, she specialized in family sessions and kids parties photography. At that time she founded the company Imagine Love & Photography in Brazil, and what was a project developed in parallel with the career of public employee, finally became a full time job. Graduated in Digital Multimedia, with experience in ​​journalism, she collaborates with articles that involve photography for sites related to the subject and today she has international recognition by the main associations of photographers around the world. In 2017 Debora invested higher, thinking about the future of her children, and moved to another country. Imagine Love & Photography is now at Portugal, in Lisbon District. In addition, it develops workshops for entrepreneurs, bloggers, mothers and all those who like to learn practical techniques to capture their own images. --------------------------- Débora é fotógrafa, mãe, empreendedora, imigrante. Começou a investir na fotografia após o nascimento do primeiro filho, há 10 anos. Comprou uma câmera para registar estes momentos e teve uma grande decepção com o resultado das imagens. Começou então a estudar e não parou mais! Em pouco tempo surgiu uma grande paixão e o desejo de transformar também a vida de outras pessoas. Em 2013 concluiu o curso de fotografia profissional em Porto Alegre, no Brasil. Participou em muitos congressos e workshops pelo país e especializou-se na área de família e festas infantis. Nesta altura fundou a empresa Imagine Love & Photography, no Brasil, e aquilo que era um projecto desenvolvido em paralelo com a carreira de funcionária pública, finalmente teve dedicação a tempo inteiro. Graduada em Multimídia Digital, com experiência na área de jornalismo, colabora com artigos e reflexões que envolvem fotografia para sites voltados ao assunto e hoje tem reconhecimento internacional pelas principais associações de fotógrafos pelo mundo. Em 2017 Débora investiu mais alto, a pensar no futuro dos filhos, e mudou de país. Agora a Imagine Love & Photography atua também em Portugal, na região de Lisboa. Para além disso desenvolve workshops voltados a empreendedores, bloggers, mães e todas as pessoas que gostavam de aprender técnicas práticas para captar suas próprias imagens.

Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA