Samantha Black

Samantha Black Photography for Newborn, Baby & Family

Samantha Black

Newborn, Baby & Family Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer Mastering the Art of Authentic Connections

Hey, I’m Samantha, soulful creative, Mother of 2. Deep thinker and lover of connections and authenticity.

I've been professionally photographing Mamas, lovers, and the beautiful products of their love since 2012.

Love, integrity, and authenticity are the very things that help me create the work I do. Every detail, moment and some of the moments that pass us by. I’m there through it all. I use my art and heart to feel my way through each session.

My art is part of me, so I do everything from a completely genuine place, and I ask that you do, too. By connecting with that part of me, I can create art I hope you’ll love.

 I've won numerous awards, have had my work published a few times, and, thankfully get to travel Internationally with my work. I'm pretty grateful for all of that.

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