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Seeking out a top North Carolina lifestyle photographer to capture your family in creative portraits? Looking for quality pictures that beautifully represent your family? When you hire one of our experienced lifestyle photographers to do a portrait session for your family or with your significant other, or a solo session for a teen or expecting mother, you will receive pictures that capture you and your loved ones in the environments you are most comfortable in, so your photographs are truly you.

With a diversity of landscapes ranging from mountainous regions to strikingly sandy beaches, North Carolina is a fabulous family vacation photo location in addition to being a charming destination. The state is divided into three main regions: the coastal plain, the Piedmont region and the Appalachian Mountains and foothills. Because of its varied range of elevation, from sea shore to the mountains, this state has one of the biggest varieties of climate of the southeastern states, making for ideal vacation area for family photography options. The Piedmont region, located in the central portion of North Carolina contains the state's most urbanized and densely-populated cities; Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Fayetteville, which are all fantastic family portrait locations. With a rolling countryside, small rivers, streams and waterfalls, families will find tremendous locations for beautiful lifestyle photography. The western portion of North Carolina is lined with mountains that make up the Appalachian region, including the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Balsams and the Black Mountains, which can stand tall as a majestic backdrop for your family photography. The coastal plains, which make up the eastern 45% of the state, start off with sandy islands called the Outer Banks, which form the Albemarle and the Pamlico Sound. These areas are relatively flat and reveal the massive Atlantic Ocean and make for ideal locations for your family photographer to shoot brilliant photos.

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Portrait of Raleigh lifestyle, newborn, pregnancy and family photographer Linsley Schneider of North Carolina

Linsley Schneider Photography serves the Raleigh, North Carolina, metro area, shooting portraits primarily of newborns, expectant mothers, and families. In newborn shoots, safety is heavily emphasized, and this studio is highly experienced with posing and staging newborns for minimum risk. Clients can shoot sessions in their own home, in the studio, or outdoors. Its namesake founder aims to create intimate photos that express emotional connection and emphasize relationships. Professional editing is conducted for all images selected for the client's gallery.

lifestyle photography in Outer Banks NC by Neil Thurston

I'm Neil, a photographer with a love for natural moments, open spaces and beautiful sunlight. A product of the 80s and 90s raised on New England snowstorms, bike rides, camping trips, and pool parties. My photographs are light and airy, rich with emotion and unexpected details. Inspired by vintage cameras, the minimalism of Hiroshi Sugimoto, the color blue, the 1960s, indie bands from Brooklyn, warm oceans, palm trees and the fashion photography of Rodney Smith, I create images that are calm, clean, joyful and real. Forever an explorer, while wandering the world I crossed paths with Lisa, a fellow adventurer and creative. The love of my life, we've been together ever since. Our photography styles are different but complementary. While I'm dreaming up images inspired by the sky and sea, Lisa is often focused on smaller details, how tightly you're holding hands, the embroidery of your wedding dress, or your shadows as you cross the dunes. Together we live in Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's a small town, with lots of visitors. We live and work in a small, but tall, house. Just close enough to the beach to run out for an afternoon surf or a walk in the dunes when needed. Natural moments and beautiful locations are the heart of our photography. Our wedding days are fun and relaxed. Filled with the casual laughter of friends, joyful moments while surrounded by the coastal beauty of the Outer Banks, and maybe even some time alone with just the bride and groom as the sun sets and the daylight disappears. We would love to be your photographers and we hope you'll connect with us if you have plans to visit the Outer Banks we would love to meet you for coffee at our place.

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Sarasota, Florida lifestyle and family photographer Samantha Moore

Hi. I'm Sam: a photo-taking, baby-making, adventure-seeking mama + photographer. I fell in love with photography in a high school darkroom class and dedicated much of my career life to learning the art form since. From editorials, albums, and magazine covers, so many friendly kiddos, fresh babies on their birth days, and destination weddings, I've enjoyed the challenge of it all. Beyond photography, I love being a mom and a wife, growing my tropical food forest, dancing, decorating, traveling, chickens, sewing, clean sheets, dinner parties, snowboarding, camping, IPAs, hiking, and that tingly feeling when you first get into a hot bath. I love great late-night conversations that dig deep, karaoke in dive bars where people are performing like they're on the verge of a midlife crisis, and the rush of Christmas mornings. And I'd love to connect with fresh families that dig my style and would like to document their families as they grow. Because while time flies, we can capture and preserve little slices of each chapter. So, let's have fun and take beautiful portraits together!

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Member of the Family Photojournalist Association - FPJA
Knoxville family and portrait photographer Leah Moyers of Tennessee

Leah Moyers is a photographer with a fine arts background located in East Tennessee. Her style is unobtrusive, candid, inclusive and thoughtfully captured. She creates relationships with clients that allow her to capture them authentically and truly enjoys producing beautiful and unique work.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA