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Have you been trying to locate an Osasco lifestyle photographer to record your family in creative and innovative portraits? When you welcome one of our lifestyle photographers into your family to do your next teen, couple, family, or maternity portrait session, you will be taking part in a relaxed photo shoot that preserves emotion and really lets your family’s personality shine through. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Brasil Lifestyle Photographer for Sao Paulo, Livia Capeli

A photographer from São Paulo, a reporter, and mother of a Sapequinha boy and a folião dog. I have perfected myself in the art of photographing pregnant women, newborn, babysitting, families and parties. With 15 years of experience in photography, 13 of them acting in parallel and daily as a reporter of the magazines Fotografe Best and Technique & Practice, one of the best publications specialized in professional photography in Latin America. I decided to color even more my life practicing with the little and future moms. Everything I learned was as a mother and with renowned professionals working on the journal's specialist textbook. I graduated in Photography from the Pan-American School of Arts and Design in São Paulo, and I routinely seek more learning, taking courses with renowned international photographers such as Steve McCurry (National Geographic photographer) and Danielle Hamilton (precursor of newborn photography in Brazil). In addition to having the opportunity to be next to Anne Geddes (precursor of "unusual" photography of babies and known worldwide for her work) during her visit to Brazil.

Portrait of Sao Paulo lifestyle photographer Pedro Fernandes of Brazil

Amid my 20 years, I discovered my love for photography and decided to drop all my journalism training to live this dream. I believe that in my life there is nothing more gratifying than portraying the essence and delicacy of each person in a unique and intense moment of love. It is an honor to be able to put my eyes on these situations, but not only that… I feel privileged to be part of a story, whether at a wedding, rehearsal or any other kind of event.