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Need some assistance in finding a great Rio Grande do Norte lifestyle photographer? Would you like to capture the personalities of your family members in creative family portraits? When you hire one of our lifestyle photographers to do your next vacation, couple, family, teen, baby, newborn or maternity portrait session, you will receive images that showcase you and your loved ones in your day to day environment. The Lifestyle Photographers Association of Brazil:

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Brasil Lifestyle Photographer, Roberio Lima of Ceara.

I'm Robério! I like to watch games, play video games, walk around, watch series and be with my family. I started computer programming college but I saw that my great passion is telling stories. The photograph came to me through Soraia, who said that if I photographed I would fall in love and it was true, I love what I do and we tell stories together, its history. Lifestyle photography is my world, I like the way the things just are, the way they happen.

Paraiba Lifestyle Photography by Priscila Rodrigues, for Brasil

I'm Pri :) And I'll tell you a crucible about me! Photography has always been something special to me. There were more and more albums in my house. And I remember asking my mother when they were photographed, who the people were, and lots of questions out there. That phase of a curious child, right ?! She was delighted with the negatives and the movies she kept. I was literally struck by an art I never imagined creating. Then came the era of digital photography with smartphones, digital cameras and I just watching and enjoying my amateurism. Haha ... Until I needed a professional photographer. And guess what? My experience was not the best. But I did not stop loving this art despite such frustration. Soon after I went to live in another state. And my life has totally changed. I needed to dedicate myself to something that would make me root. So, the photography has taken root in my life. I literally fell in love with this art. I started meeting amazing people with wonderful stories. And I carry each of them forever in my heart. I leave to them my art that is only the mirror of the love they share. My style is lifestyle photography, and the only reason I find myself in it is the fact that I love every uniqueness of people. And I bring to my families all respect and commitment to their memories. Now let me tell you a little bit about your story ?!