Lauriane Pujo

Portrait of Alsace Lifestyle Photographer Lauriane Pujo, of Grand Est France

Lauriane Pujo

Lauriane Pujo

I accompany families to create & keep images of their moments of the bond.
It is essential for me to celebrate everyday life. To celebrate it in its simplicity and authenticity. This is why I attach particular importance to the relationship that we will build together. Understanding your family, your ties, will allow me to create photographs that look like you and that you will want to look at for decades.
Carried away by our daily lives, we forget how time flies. We forget the games we shared with our child a few months ago, we forget how far we have come. However, our daily lives build us day after day.
This is why I am keen to remind you that it is important to celebrate everyday life and to keep track of it. Together, we will write your story, your feelings, your ties, so that you keep a visual heritage that tells your family in all its uniqueness.

Lauriane reveals herself ...

Back to school 2010
Admission to BTS Photography (Roubaix, 59).

Spring 2011
Internship at the Parisian studio Le Petit Oiseau will be going out then retouching internship with photographer Franck Camhi.

Fall 2011
Internship with Lisa Carletta, fashion photographer in Brussels.

Summer 2012
Obtaining the Certificate of Higher Technician in Photography

2012 - 2013
Assistant to fashion photographer Lisa Carletta in Brussels.

2014 - 2015
Travel to Australia & Nepal with my backpack! Discovery of the Australian Outback where I lived for 6 months. Roadtrip the east coast. Then, direction the cultural "shock" so wanted by surveying Nepal for 1 month.

Spring 2015
The desire to travel is still there, I volunteer at the Alpen Retreat yoga center in the Austrian Alps.

Summer 2015
Back in my hometown, Mulhouse where I become a food photographer for an advertising agency.

Spring 2017
I become a mom.

Winter 2018
Creation of my company to immortalize the magic moments of your everyday life.