Charlene van der Gracht

Charlene van der Gracht, lifestyle photographer from Netherlands
Photo by: 
Freya Elders

Charlene van der Gracht

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer with a love for sincere emotion. I also can make a family document that shows how much love you spread. But more importantly, I'll make you realize that you also receive a lot in return from your loved ones. It is a lot of fun for me to be able to show you and your family the whole story of your day from a different perspective. That includes, of course, the laughter, the teasing, the giggles, and the tears. I see it and I capture it.

Over the years I have really developed my own style. With my timeless images, you really relive the moments, even if you watch them again years later.

In order to give you the best possible overview of my work, I would like to ask you to make a choice.