Patricia Pulido

Patricia Pulido Lifestyle Photographer in Brasil, Federal District
Photo by: 
Soraya Vega

Patricia Pulido

DF Brazil Lifestyle Photographer

I am a Birth and Family photographer specializing in story-telling and preserving your memories.

Lifestyle photography can be more than a “sit and smile” session. Rather than taking pictures in a studio I believe in capturing everyday moments in significant places that families are used to interacting with each other. Celebrate and remember who you were as a family, how those favorite places and home looked and felt at that moment in time.
Life goes by so quickly, I like the idea of freezing time and help document those moments for you to look back and relive those memories forever. .. I absolutely love my job!

I’m passionate about documenting a family's connection and personalities, focusing on the details that show their love through meaningful images and films to be preserved and cherished forever.