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Bruno Guedes

Brazil Maternity and Family Portraits

Since my childhood, my eyes were bright at the holidays, not at the party, but because my uncle Dimas (Dimas Guedes), the photographer, was going to come and bring with him his older camera, besides his older cousins. He carried a bag with several lenses and black little pots with 35mm films. From time to time he would gather his family on the sidewalk, and place the camera across the street on a tripod, and run through us, and as if in a magical moment, the camera would take the picture by itself. I never understood how that was possible, but one day I knew I would understand such a thing.

Time passed, and that attentive-looking boy shifted to the side of the camera. Today, I try to understand how some noble mortals that I have as reference in the photograph (if I were to quote each of them this text would turn a book), manages to capture images that transpose composition and reality, and manage to reveal feelings without a single word being heard, as if we could smell the place, the heat or the cold that picture reveals. I like to read, books not so much, one a month is enough for me, but photos ... the photos, this I like to read, understand, decipher, unveil the light, direction, brightness and darkness that each image shows or hides .

This is me, somewhat confused in what I say, but decided in what I do. It's my mining way of being. By myself, Bruno, Minasiro and Ubaense, photographer of happy moments, married to the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever seen, father of the most adorable child, Christian in love with Jesus, pastor and future inhabitant of heaven.

"My family taught me that a man needs a family to live"

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