Jess van Ruiven

Netherlands Lifestyle Photographer Jess van Ruiven

Jess van Ruiven

Rebel Shots Photography
2 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

A lifestyle photographer a unique photography style, a little bit different, refreshing but above all Rebels. The photographer behind that camera: a 41-year-old red-haired curly ball listening to the name Jess van Ruiven. From Zaanse soil; mom of a teenager and in her twenties, married to the nicest guy in the world and settled in Heerhugowaard.

I am a tea-leut, a dreamer, a collector of old photo cameras, ancient books and other old things. Everything has a story and a memory to cherish or pass on.

After the Fotovakschool, I stopped with the 'applicable' photography rules and I drew my own Rebel plan. I love my freedom immensely, which is why I prefer to be on-site photography.

In the forest or on the beach, get a breath of fresh air, enjoy the sun's rays or pound in the puddles of rain. I'm always looking for that one innovative creative picture to make and especially a busy bee with a lot of humor.

I think it's fantastic to capture people in the photo as they are and especially as it is. To create a beautiful but above all a special, honest and pure memory for later. I think that is very important. Family photography and weddings are my favorite moments to capture.

You can describe my photography style as lifestyle photography or documentary or reportage or journalistic photography, I just call it Rebel Shots, different than usual and yet just yourself!

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1 TOP Lifestyle Photographer Titles

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