Luciana Nascimento Martins

Luciana Nascimento Martins is a Lifestyle Photographer for Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil
Photo by: 
Evandro Veiga

Luciana Nascimento Martins

Brazil Family and Maternity Photos

Luciana Martins works mainly with family photography, both in rehearsals and documentary photography, recording pregnancies, births, children, events and family gatherings. Author of the project "Love that comes from the Breast", which involves the world of breastfeeding and the "Project Growing" developed since 2013, which has accompanied the school development of more than 80 children. It has a portfolio approved by Vogue Italy, with female photographs.

Graduated in Nutrition, she has worked in the field for 11 years. Everything changed in 2012 when it came to motherhood. During those months a lot of things changed and some certainties emerged: it was time to change. Taking photos of her daughter and realizing the importance of each image in her life, she felt that photography should be part of her. After many workshops, immersions, various courses, much study, and dedication, she decided to photograph life.

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