Glaucia da Costa

Santa Catarina lifestyle photography by Glaucia da Costa of Brazil

Glaucia da Costa

Pro Family / Pregnancy Portraits

A lover of the simple things in life! Since taking a chimarrão alone, or a good conversation in a great circle of friends! Photography is part of my lifestyle, and I usually say that I am a soul miner, I seek much more than simply to make portraits, but rather to rescue from the intimate of each one the best and true feeling of who I am photographing, truly bringing his soul and his essence to the captured images. I am the mother of two beautiful children, the Mariana and the Bento, two beings that since coming have more light and meaning in my life! Motherhood enchants me, I am in love with family, pregnant women, children, and every subject that revolves around it. I am an activist for Humanized Natural Delivery and Prolonged Breastfeeding! Every day I try to do my best for each family that gives me the pleasure of portraying them through my glasses!

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