Samantha Lunder

Samantha Lunder is a Lifestyle Family photographer from Vaud, Switzerland
Photo by: 
Jayden Campbell Photography

Samantha Lunder

Samyan Photographie
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

It is said of me that I am hyperactive, that I talk (a lot) and that I do nothing to achieve my goals. It's true, I have a perfectionist side, a dynamic character and a brain that is bubbling with eccentric ideas! (Besides, if you have found a way to add hours to a day, I want to know it well, that will make us friends).

In short, when I do something, I put my whole heart into it. And that is, for me, my strength in my profession as a photographer.

Our relationship will not be a pure provider-client exchange. I banish these two words! No, when I am near you for a photoshoot, we weave links, and that is essential.

I started lifestyle photography with a passion, with my lover Damian, seven and a half years ago. Photographing sharing, complicity and simply love was logically imposed on me. I like to transmit these emotions. We created Samyan Photography to take pictures together, to strengthen our ties, and now it's yours that I also hope to bring together by putting your story in pictures.

Since doing one thing at a time is boring, I also work as a journalist in the print media. My way of seeing photography is therefore inspired by reporting, meeting and the constant desire to discover!